Veterans Helping Veterans

Meadows Edge remains committed to helping those that defended our nation.

Winter Facility Hours Thursday Opening: 1000 — Closing: 1400

Mission Statement

VHV provides a second home with a veteran-centric social environment where veterans can build resilience to break the cascading effect of hopelessness that leads to suicide. Veterans at all stages of need are welcome; veterans who want to give back, veterans that miss the camaraderie, and veterans struggling. VHV is the conduit connecting veterans’ needs to gold-standard, vetted services, and resources. You are not alone.

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The purpose of Veterans Helping Veterans is to provide at-risk veterans with a safe harbor where they can connect with other veterans, fortifying their own resilience and paying it forward to other veterans.

Winter hours Thur from 1000-1800, veterans are welcome to connect with other veterans, have a cup of coffee, and a light meal. A veteran can find help navigating through the challenge of paperwork, applications, and resources that might otherwise be overwhelming. We will help to make connections to counselors, employment services, veteran benefits, volunteer opportunities, and other veteran-centric organizations. We will simply be here for each other.

Veterans Helping Veterans is located at The Forge, 210 E 7th Avenue, Homestead PA. The venue is a newly revitalized 4000 sq. ft event center for a local winery, Wines of America, owned by Michael Lisovich, USMC, Ret, CWO, and founder of Meadows Edge. Complete with lap-tops, Wi-Fi, tables, sofas, flat-screen TVs, games, and books, a veteran can check e-mail, complete paperwork or unplug and unwind, A 26’ wall in the Boulevard of Heroes, features photos of all veterans entering this space, willing bring a photo. All are asked to agree to a Code of Conduct that allows us to uphold our mission and taps are played at the end of the day. The comfortable upcycled setting can be used by VSOs for client meetings and business meetings, 0800-1600, M-F upon request.

Veterans Helping Veterans, Meadows Edge is a time and place to check-in and re-calibrate. It is a place to bolster resilience and a place where Veterans can help other veterans. We are here opening to remind veterans that they are not alone. Through listening ear, a warm cup of coffee or someone who has walked in their shoes, a veteran can gather perspective, receive validation, and feel valued. We will be ready, a lifeline of hope for our Pittsburgh area veterans.

The VA is onsite the 3rd Thursdays of the month to help you with your claims, And Krista from VLP is here every Thursday to assist in employment needs.

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We have proudly partnered with Meadows Edge - Veterans Helping Veterans project, and Legacies Alive nonprofits to raise monies in support of our veterans.

$2.00 from every bottle goes to a veteran or veteran organization. Funds distribution will be determined each quarter by a panel of veteran organizations.

Each bottle will honor a fallen Comrade with their photo and information so that we may toast to their Legacies and keep their memory alive.

We want to grow the project to honor our Heroes and are working to bring the project to every state.

If you are a Gold Star organization or Gold Star family and want your Heroe(s) included please contact us.

Get Involved

The non-profit Veterans Helping Veterans, Meadows Edge relies on volunteers, donations, and fundraising to meet the needs of our veterans. If your corporation, group, family, or you as an individual would like to join the efforts to alleviate veteran suicide through relationship and care, please contact us to explore ways to get involved.